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Asset Inventory Tracking

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RFID Asset Inventory Tracking
RFID Handheld Mobile Asset Inventory Tracking Singapore
RFID Handheld Asset Inventory Tracking

Passive RFID (Up to 5 meters)

With large volumes of equipment moving in and out for maintenance or reconfiguration, it becomes essential to have an easy and straightforward asset tracking solution to track and manage assets. Additionally, given the cost of equipment, having a system that provides precision and reliability within the network is paramount. With TrackNet Id software applications, users can monitor and manage any asset with complete ease and efficiency.

RFID asset tracking solution is a hosted solution that enables users to take inventory while eliminating the need for paper and manual processes. RFID Handheld devices work over WiFi range or offline and synced via a computer; asset information is automatically uploaded, giving current and precise asset tracking information.

The process of using TrackNet Id Handheld Asset Inventory Tracking software is incredibly straightforward. Users enter a room and scan the area containing the assets. There is no need to scan individual bar codes or enter data manually.


RFID Handheld Asset Inventory Tracking can be use in various industries and application


RFID Singapore Equipment Tracking

RFID Equipments Tracking

Quickly locate critical equipment.Reduce inventory time.Achieve real-time physical inventory of assets .Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets and infrastructure .Deliver more timely information for decision making .Improve security by preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas.

RFID Jewellery Tracking

RFID Jewellery Tracking

The need for robust tracking and visibility solutions is most felt in the case of high value articles such as jewellery. Across jewellery stores, tracking and visibility have been largely manual processes which are time consuming and prone to errors. Frequent theft further adds to the financial pressures as even small material losses translate into high value losses. The Jewellery Tracking Solution from TrackNet Id makes use of RFID based technologies to enable tracking of inventory via scanning and hence instant stock update. At the same time, the staff productivity is immensely helped through more automated and accurate processes. Tagging Jewellery items with durable, tamper proof RFID tags, each of them are scanned through readers which then transmit information to an inventory database. Thus, the entire inventory can be tracked, updated and maintained through this solution in an accurate, fast and secure manner.

RFID Singapore Retail Store Tracking

RFID Retail Store Tracking

From retail stores to libraries, accurate inventory visibility is critical to optimizing business management processes and reducing unnecessary losses stemming from poor customer service and product availability. RFID is potentially the most powerful technology for managing inventory because of its ability to reduce the time it takes to perform inventory, thereby providing enterprises with real time visibility into the products on the shelves. A typical inventory cycle, without RFID, takes 2-3 days and is only performed 2-3 times per year. With the use of RFID technology, inventories can now be performed daily, typically requiring only one employee and under 2 hours.

RFID Singapore Laundry Tracking

RFID Laundry Tracking

Reduce manual laundry sorting.Provide accurate wash count records.Provide visibility into inventory quickly and easily.Reduce loss and theft

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