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RFID Personnel Access Control Tracking System

RFID Gantry with Passive Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Solutions

RFID Personnel Access Control Tracking System allows for the control off all site staff and visitor movement throughout all his construction sites including remote sites.It is capable of granting and restricting workers a right of access to certain areas for eg: granting of general access to contruction worksite but restricted access to tunnel shaft withing the worksite.It also capable of recording and managing information concerning workers and companies while on construction site.

RFID Active Real Time Tracking System (RTLS)

Active 2.45 Ghz Solutions

RFID Active Real Time Tracking System (RTLS) Solution will enable your organization to have an overview of all personnel in any tracked premise. It is able to integrate and send tag information in real-time to your existing SQL database server. This will allow you to fully customize, track and view the records of all entries/exit from your own implementation. Additional “capture” points can be placed in more premises for tracking. RFID Active Real Time Tracking System (RTLS) Solution can also allow the management to have an overview of all personnel, whether they are still in the premise, or even further improve to detect unauthorized access in zones. Implementation of the solution will increase accountability and traceability and provide full visibility for all your personnel. Active RFID personnel can be also use as an attendance system.


RFID Personnel Access Control Tracking System

RFID Personnel Access Control Tracking System offers a holistic tracking from the point of registration to de-registration. Customized alerts can be triggered for various events.. Depending on the type of setting, the system have solutions for :



Especially for organisations who take workplace security and safety seriously.



For quick roll call and report generation of students’ attendance in schools.

Prison Inmates

For efficient monitoring of prisoners and their trace.

Visitors and Guests

For building up personalised customer relationship with your visitors and guests.

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