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RFID Race Time Tracking Singapore
RFID Race Time Tracking Singapore

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We understand the complexity of race events and understand the importance of accuracy and reliability as well as flexibility in the timing technology needed to properly time and manage your events to help them achieve their full potential. Whether your event is a marathon, 10k run or bike ride we know that your participants want their results fast and accurate. We have sophisticated ways to communicate the timing data through a range of technology that captures and displays real-time live results online and on display laptops at the race venue.


RFID Race Time Tracking Singapore

Swim. Bike. Run. Record your best time with our complete range of UHF RFID race timing tags. Suitable for marathons, biathlons and triathlons as well as swimming competitions, bike races, BMX, running events, and sports meets.


Rent our equipment

We provide rental services for race time event.


Race Time RFID Tag

We provide rfid uhf shoe tags.

Race Time Readers And Antenna

We provide quality RFID readers and antenna.


Our rfid race time are specially designed and tailored to suit individual company’s needs.

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simply choose us for your rfid race time tracking solutions.

RFID Solutions Singapore

Greater than 99.99% reader accuracy

Comprehensive RFID Products In SIngapore

Short, well-defined charge range (0.3 m) and read range (2.0 m) for better accuracy and precision

RFID Installation In Singapore

Much longer read range than Low Frequency  (1.2 – 2.0 meters compared to 0.6 – 0.7 meters)

RFID Consultation Singapore

Extremely high anti-collision rate (reliable to over 120+ tags/second)

RFID Tags and Readers Singapore

Can read through liquids, making it especially well-suited for triathlons and mud runs

RFID Customization Singapore

Works in all weather conditions

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